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So many people want to eat tasty food that is good for their health but they don’t have the time, money or energy to figure out how to do it. Your Fast for Life™ food and lifestyle program gives you the spiritual and practical tools to change your health right in your home. For 40 days, through this online program where you connect with the program creator and a community of people on the program, you receive easy to understand scientific and spiritual information about food and your relationship to it, menu plans, recipes and shopping lists—all things that will help you maintain your changed life once the program ends.


Your Fast for Life™ exists to primarily help Christians and others live their lives dedicated to God beyond Lent and other special consecrated seasons.


Join the revolutionary Your Fast for Life™ food and lifestyle program and learn to think about and eat food differently for good life the rest of your life. Sign up now for a Your Fast for Life™ session or get a group together now to join, with everyone in groups of 10 or more receiving a discount up to 30%. Begin your program now or sign up for the next scheduled session that begins Monday, September 21, 2015. Read more and join below.

Following is the program overview, tips for choosing a food plan, the benefits of joining Your Fast for Life™ and your investment:

Your Fast for Life™ Program Overview

Part One, The Understanding—21 Days (Day 1-21)

  • Understanding the Science—Teachings on the function of foods and beverages
  • Understanding the Social—Teachings on relating to God and man
  • Understanding the Spiritual—Teachings on your fast for life

The first three weeks focus on renewing your mind through teachings and taking out items in your home that will cause you to fail. You decide what habit you will eliminate while on the program.

Part Two, The Interpreting and Application—14 Days (Day 22-35)

  • Interpreting and applying what the Bible instructs about fasting

Choose one of the following plans:

New Soul and Spirit (traditional dishes done a new way)—You will have some more healthy versions of some home cooked staples, like a pot of beans and collard greens. There are even recipes for those who have wheat and gluten allergies.

Greens cooked without meat

Raw Vegan (Raw foods)—You will experience a spectrum of dishes that are prepared using plant-based foods that have not been cooked. Eat full meals, snacks and desserts that have not been altered by heat.

Vegetarian (Raw and cooked foods)—You will have a mixture of raw and cooked plant-based foods

The Sampler—You will get to prepare a mixture of dishes from the three plans above.

Mixed greens salad, quinoa and hummus

During this time you will get a menu plan and shopping list based on which food plan you have chosen. You will also be assigned to focus on certain readings to keep you focused these weeks.

Part Three, The Application—5 Days (Day 36-40)

The Wean Off—For those of you on the Raw Vegan or Vegetarian plans you must ease back into incorporating eliminated foods back into your meal plan. The Wean Off provides direction to help you do that.

Journal exercises—You will receive writing prompts to help you reflect on your fasting journey. Feel free to write as God inspires you.

My Fast for Life™ Plan—This is your plan for how you will incorporate into your everyday life aspects of what you have learned on Your Fast for Life™. The writing prompts for the journal exercises will help you complete this.

Choosing a Plan

Please consider the following based on where you believe God is leading you:

  • What dietary considerations do I have that would impact my choice of plans?
  • What time do I have daily to ensure proper meal preparation?
  • How does or can this program fit into my budget?

Who Should Choose

New Soul and Spirit?

  • Those not ready to give up meat but are ready to make a health change for the better
  • Those who want to eat traditional foods prepared in a healthier way
  • Those who want to limit the amount of meat they eat
  • Those who want to try perhaps new side dishes

Raw Vegan?

  • Those ready to eliminate meat and their byproducts from their diet
  • Those who want to incorporate more raw foods into their diet
  • Those who want to learn a variety of ways to prepare raw foods
  • Those who have had sluggish digestion may benefit from this plan.


  • Those who want to eliminate meat from their diet
  • Those who want a combination of raw and cooked plant-based foods
  • Those who want to eat delicious filling meals without the heaviness of meat
  • Those who have had sluggish digestion may benefit from this plan.

The Sampler?

  • Those unsure of what plan to choose
  • Those who want to try the other three programs but unable to enroll in each
  • Those who still want to eat meat but also desire more plant-based foods in their diet
  • Those who like to eat a variety of foods

If you’re still cooking for a family, I suggest choosing the New Soul and Spirit, Vegetarian or The Sampler Plan. Meals on these plans are more easily adaptable to families and most dinner recipes already accommodate six people. These meals also freeze well so you have no fear of waste.

Also to help you select a plan, consider the following culinary and spiritual needs:

All Plans

  • Small, medium and large saucepans and skillets and baking dishes
  • Sharp knives (one, like a Santoku, able to open young coconut)
  • A willingness to learn something new
  • Grace to see yourself through to the end

Raw Vegan, Vegetarian and Sampler Plans

  • Juicer
  • Blender
  • Food processor (This would be just for convenience. Most foods needing to be chopped can be done by hand.)

Your Fast for Life™ Benefits

Three weeks of devotions

One week of teachings on the function of foods and beverages

One week of teachings on relating to God and man

One week of teachings on your fast for life

Two weeks of menu plans

42 easy to follow recipes

Convenient shopping lists

An online community

A weekly conference call with program creator and Your Fast for Life™ online community

A new spiritual outlook

A healthy relationship with food

A closer fellowship with God

Tools for a life dedicated to God

New ways to eat healthy

Direction for self-reflection

Direction for your My Fast for Life Plan

A program developed by an ordained minister with more than 40 years combined ministry and healthy eating experience

Your Fast for Life™ Investment

Anything that is worth getting often requires an investment in some way. This is true for Your Fast for Life™. This program requires your mental, spiritual, physical and financial investment for you to receive the great return listed in Your Fast for Life™ Benefits. You have to commit your mind to trying your best to engage in every component of the program and seek God to help you to succeed. The results come from the work you put in. You must take the time to read the materials, ask questions when you don’t understand, plan time for and complete the devotions, plan time for and go grocery shopping, schedule time to prepare food and continue to try even if you fall off. You get the most out when you put the most in.

Choose either the New Soul and Spirit, Raw Vegan, Vegetarian or The Sampler plan and get all of the listed benefits for the introductory price of $100.

Introductory group rate price for 10-19 people is $85 per person and for 20 or more people the rate is $70 per person.*

Those looking for healthy food options beyond the two week food plan can purchase all the food plans at the same time for an additional $100 on your initial order. If you have purchased one plan of the program and later decide to try another plan just pay an additional $75.

Join the revolutionary Your Fast for Life™ food and lifestyle program and learn to think about and eat food differently for good life the rest of your life. Sign up now for a Your Fast for Life™ session or get a group together now to join, with everyone in groups of 10 or more receiving a discount up to 30%. Begin your program now or sign up for the next scheduled session that begins Monday, September 21, 2015.

Join below.

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*For the group rate, one person or entity must purchase the program for the entire group at the same time. Make sure that your payment reflects the number of people in your group. The designated party will receive the confirmation email and further directions from Soul Delights regarding the group membership.
Disclaimer: Information on this site is for educational purposes and not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease, ailment or other condition. The proprietor is not a certified medical professional of any kind and is not qualified to give you medical advice. The goal of Soul Delights LLC is to inform and inspire you to take responsibility for your health and make educated choices of your own. Please consult your healthcare practitioners before embarking on any health program.

9 thoughts on “Your Fast for Life™ Food and Lifestyle Program

  1. Thank you so much for doing this Rhonda. I have been struggling with being a vegetarian for almost a year now. I know I don’t get enough protein in my diet. It is difficult for me since I have am allergic to soy. I am trying to love beans. I still indulge in seafood and fish. My son still eats meat which sometimes makes meals difficult.

    Thank you again,


    • Hi Marla,

      No, this program has four food plans: two that include meat and two without meat. Each of them is listed in detail on this page.

  2. This is a great ministry! I pray that many lives will be extended and their quality of life much improved so the laborers of Christ can endure, run and not be weary!

  3. Hello Rhonda,
    I have read devotional you sent and I did see myself in some of the things you shared. First, I use to eat food for taste alone then I began to find out all the junk that was is in the foods that I ate frequently. I resolved that I would avoid those foods. Yet if they were around I found my self eating them even though I knew they were not good for me.

    I then resolved that I have to make sure that I have healthy choice available. As my life became more stressful and busy I found myself backsliding at times because I didn’t have what I needed as a healthy choice, along with the fact I didn’t prepare for better choices from what I had to choose from so I settled for what was available, after all I/we needed to eat.

    I was always taught to not leave any food on my plate. So that means don’t get more than you are going to eat. Don’t waste that food! I find the key to overcoming the issue of too much food on the plate is to only get a very small portion of your choices especially if there are other choices of food you’d like to taste.

    I have changed my eating by making sure I healthy choices for my family and I. I look for healthy meals with mostly vegetables cooked or raw. My main problem has been stress related bad quick fix eating some times not all the time.

    I am becoming more aware of the impact that bad eating habits have on me spiritually as well as physically. I am excited about your program as you address all the areas. Thank you for inviting me to My Soul’s Delight.

    • Carolyn,

      I am delighted to have you on this journey. Thanks so much for traveling this journey with me. Praise God for the progress you have already made and I look forward to the more God will do.

  4. Rhonda, I just want to say, I hear the change, I feel the change, I am experiencing the change as I read the devotions, and while I’m in prayer. I sincerely believe the Lord has prepared me for these devotions, and I know that He has given me another chance for such a time as this. I truly want to see what the Lord will do with my inside and how He will make my outside line up!!!!! Transformation? Transformation. Watchout na!!!!!!

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