NEW BOOK: Be Good In and Out of Bed
mockup3Be Good In and Out of Bed seeks to challenge Christian women to love their husbands sexually, even before entering the bedroom, and to understand why doing so is vital to a healthy marriage and to strengthening the Kingdom of God. Read this and be encouraged on how to be good to your husband in and out of bed.

Your Fast for Life™ Food and Lifestyle Program
So many people want to eat tasty food that is good for their health but they don’t have the time, money or energy to figure out how to do it. Your Fast for Life™ food and lifestyle program gives you the spiritual and practical tools to change your health right in your home. For 40 days, through this online program where you connect with the program creator and a community of people on the program, you receive easy to understand scientific and spiritual information about food and your relationship to it, menu plans, recipes and shopping lists—all things that will help you maintain your changed life once the program ends. For more information, click here.

Natural Health Tours
Natural health is all the rage and so needed, but the choices and time to achieve good health naturally can be overwhelming. To assist natural health seekers, Soul Delights LLC hosts Natural Health Tours to give people resources to simplify their choices so they can consistently do their body good. Read more and register for scheduled tours here.

Natural Health and Healing Coaching
For those who want a one-on-one guidance on your path to natural health and healing, sign up with Soul Delights’ founder for spiritually-based natural health and healing coaching. Schedule a session here.

Workshops and Classes on Natural Health and Healing
Soul Delights offers onsite- or virtually-based workshops and classes to suit your various needs. For more information and to book Rhonda J. Smith, click here.