Challenge 14: Clean House

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It’s January and it’s housecleaning time! This is the month many of us put away Christmas decorations. As we are sorting, packing and restocking items we often notice other things are out of place: there is a dust bunny here, a few crumbs over there and just downright dirt somewhere else. We may be tempted to ignore the junk, but most of us—even if we hadn’t planned on cleaning—decide that right along with putting away the Christmas stuff that we would clean and reposition what we see that’s out of order. This is the same in our spiritual walk.

January usually is the time for renewal for us all. It’s a new year. Our church has a new vision and we want a new vision for our lives. We set goals. We make resolutions. We fast. And we pray so that we can clearly see the changes we need to make so this year is better in some way than the others before. Though we may have been engaging in spiritual disciplines so we know what to do, we are likely to find that the spiritual disciplines show us who we need to be. Some of us may find we need to be more full of the Spirit, exhibiting His fruit in a greater way. Others of us may find we need to be less doubtful, casting out the negative out so we are able to walk out our God-sized dreams. We need to sort out feelings, reposition our attitudes, change our approach, believe God. We may be engaged in some doing, but not for display purposes only. Our doing should be directly related to our being, helping us shift who we need to be for God’s honor and glory and the good of others. We need to do so we can be consistent vessels of radical acts of love.

Take a Risk Challenge: To get you in the practice of doing something that you have delayed, I want you to clean your closets. As you find items that are still useful but you having been using, set them aside and decide who you will give them to. It could be one person or several persons, but I want you to give away something major and do it this week. We must part with the old to make room for the new. You know this so I want you to do this radical act of love!

My One Thousand Gifts List

Justus liking Indian food
God’s grace to make it through a long day
Being able to fall asleep after being interrupted twice during my nap
Having enough leftovers so I didn’t have to cook
Preparing breakfast for Joshua, Nate and Justus and lunch for Flynn and Joshua in a timely fashion in spite of preparing for two extra folks (Justus and Nate are not usually up at the time Joshua and Flynn are up getting ready to leave the house)
Charyse grooming and styling my hair
Tabitha preparing dinner for my family so I didn’t have to cook and enjoying the meal with her family and Christen
Flynn telling me not to take any meat out of the freezer to unthaw because he was going to buy dinner so I could focus on writing my column
God’s grace to care for the children all day with little time to write
Going to bed resolved that God would help me complete my column

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