Challenge 29: Position Yourself to Love

My sister and I

My sister and I

I praise God that my biological sister is truly my sister. Though I just wrote about her last week, something she did this past weekend is perfect to share for this week’s love challenge.

Sharon and I can always be honest with each other, sometimes bluntly, and when we are, we know that the straight truth comes from a heart of love. So when Sharon told me, “Girl, you know I love you because I’m getting up early to come hear you speak,” I knew she spoke this out of love, though, I must admit, I was taken aback. This was her once-a-month date weekend where her brother- and sister-in-law keep her kids overnight so she and my brother-in-love can spend a kid-free Friday evening and all-day Saturday together. My being a keynote at the Daughters of Deborah (DOD) Women in Ministry Fellowship Prayer Breakfast was cutting into her couple time and she wanted to make sure I knew it. At first, I didn’t know how to take her comment. I know she loves me, but I just chuckled and thought “Am I supposed to feel bad because SHE chose to spend less time with her husband for me? Does she want me to profusely thank her?” Well, she didn’t want me to feel bad, but she DID want me to acknowledge her sacrifice to show her love for me. “I thought you might say something,” she said. When I told her what I was thinking, she understood why I didn’t seem overjoyed that she was supporting me on her date weekend. We both laughed when she realized she sounded like one of our relatives who loooooooooooves people to praise her when she does something special.

The fact is that my sister DID go out of her way to show love to me. God had impressed upon her heart some months ago that we can’t say we love one another and not show that we love one another. This weekend, Sharon got stretched going beyond her words to show me on another level her love for me. And I am so glad she did. Because she loved me greater she positioned herself to love another woman at the prayer breakfast.

A woman requested prayer for her daughter and the DOD leader agreed that we would pray for the daughter, even though that prayer wasn’t on OUR agenda. The leader, who had just met my sister that day and didn’t know she is a prayer warrior, said the Lord told her to have Sharon pray for this daughter. Sharon prayed high in the Spirit, heard from God, spoke words from God and was used to supply comfort and peace to this mother and daughter; they were so grateful and we were all in awe of God and HIS agenda.

Take a Risk Challenge: When you love the way God wants you to love, you just don’t know whether or not He is positioning you to love others who may be in need. Perhaps He will lead you to give money to someone, not knowing that the person needed the money to buy their children some shoes or send a child on a school field trip. This week, sacrifice what you may want to do to show, not just tell, someone that you love them. You may be positioning yourself to show love beyond your target of love.

My One Thousand Gifts List

Nathaniel saying “we are entering the spooky dark” as we descended the basement stairs
Not having to pick up Joshua from school because he was off because of a power outrage
Preparing two kinds of pancakes for the boys and feeling joy in doing it
Talking to Nichole
Being okay with my upside down and sideways days
Playing ‘Red Light, Green Light’ with the boys
Joshua saying he didn’t want my husband and me to give him up for adoption (like that was ever an option)
Rising early to groom my hair
Monday’s blog post given a day early
Listening to two church history lectures

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