Challenge 35: Love Beyond Your Limit

When your days are long and nights even longer it’s hard to do what you have to do and even what you want to do. That was the case for me this weekend with my son’s lemonade-popcorn stand, a graduation open house, my church service, lunch and a youth service at my sister’s church and a special dinner at a spiritual daughter’s house. Though participating in each stretched my physical limit, they each increased my spiritual blessings. You can’t top spending time with the Word and those who love the Word and you. Each brought me great pleasure and I’m glad I chose to show radical acts of love:
Curt and Rhonda at Joshua's 2013 Stand

Joshua and Lemonade Day Crew

Joshua's stand 2013

Minetta and Rhonda at Joshua 2013 stand

Nichole Kim and Rhonda 2013

Take a Risk Challenge: Despite your feeling you’re at your physical limit, hang with that friend, visit that loved one, attend that party, assist with that move. You will be stretched to be physically present to support another, but your stretching is truly a radical act of love.

My One Thousand Gifts List

A rain of Catalpa flowers
Tiny worm-like jumping yellow bugs-how God could put life in something so miniscule
Sky-towering trees
Squirrels jumping from limb to limb, trunk to trunk and tree to tree
A perfect weekend
A husband who believes in and supports me to allow me to take a writing trip on Father’s Day weekend
Being at peace
Justus being overjoyed to see me
Still breathing easy from the retreat
A meal lasting for three dinners

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