Challenge 41: Vacate for Others’ Sake

One of the best ways you can empower yourself to radically love others is by taking a break. I’m on vacation for two weeks and looking forward to being refreshed to be my best. I plan to return here in two weeks.

Take a Risk Challenge: Take whatever break you need–coffee break; snack break; an evening walk break; a movie break–this week and next so that you can be empowered to show others radical love.

My One Thousand Gifts List

Talking to Flynn in the wee hours of the morning
Justus’ repetitive ‘Daddy’ and his dancing upon Flynn’s return
Sleeping in and the boys sleeping and even later
A leisure day of cleaning
Painting my toe nails and liking my mint green
The Yarbroughs coming to dinner
Salmon grilled and seasoned to perfection
Playing Dominoes with Flynn and Vince
Alabaster Ministries Bible study “I am Powerful”
Getting a prime parking space at church

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