Challenge 53: Love Beyond the Expected

I drove to the drive-in lane at the bank to get money out of my mama’s account. She has me on as a joint account holder so I can handle business that she is unable to. This day she needed me to get money to pay for her lawn service. Though I didn’t have to take the boys with me because friends were at my home that I left them with, having to go to the bank during the day when I normally don’t altered my schedule a bit. But the help of friends, the bank being down the street and no line when I got there helped me not to feel frazzled. In fact, I was enthused when the teller sent me the money and I found a cookie and lollipop with the cash.

Cookie in Bag

She was there to serve my banking needs, but she went beyond her job duties and decided to do something extra to make my day. Indeed she made my day and this got me thinking how we, if just on our jobs, can do something for someone else above our normal duties. How can we make someone else’s day with some unexpected act.

On your job:
Buy donuts for a co-worker.
Get your boss his or her favorite beverage.
Get supplies for a co-worker.
Buy a token gift, like a plant, for a co-worker.
Bring or buy lunch for a co-worker.
Get a co-worker a snack.

At home:
Put a note in your children’s or spouse’s lunch bag.
Prepare an unusual, but favorite, lunch for your children or spouse.
Iron your spouse’s clothes.
Text a love note that they get in the morning before they leave for school or work.
Buy your children their favorite treat.
Place an encouraging scripture in a place they always frequent and are sure to look.

I know that working, parenting and other hats we wear can wear us out just doing the basics, but seek to go beyond your call to be a greater blessing.

Take a Risk Challenge: Choose at least one over and beyond act of love you can do for a co-worker, family member or even a neighbor. Doing something extraordinary (beyond your ordinary) is truly a radical act of love.

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