Challenge 9: Love Those You Disdain

Yesterday I caught one of my favorite ‘80s teen movies, “Say Anything,” on TV. This was one of the typical underdog wins movies that I so enjoy with nice guy Lloyd, the main character, unsure of his professional goals, winning the affections of Diane, who has her future mapped out for her and was well on her way to fulfilling it. Though they are opposites and people don’t think “their kinds” don’t mix, they connect anyway. They influence each other, with Lloyd helping Diane to relax more and her helping him to reconsider his perspective on things, including on old people.

Lloyd told Diane, who worked at a senior living facility, that he didn’t particularly like hanging out with the elderly because he used to work at a buffet and they would come there and stuff their mouths with food and the food would fall out the sides of their mouths. She told him “that’s ageism. Maybe their mouths don’t work like they used to.” He considered what she said and decided to help those he rejected and see a side of himself he didn’t know he had.

Of course he may have been trying to impress Diane, but nonetheless Lloyd went to the aide of those he disdained. When he did so, it didn’t seem to be a chore for him; he wasn’t condescending; and he actually seemed to enjoy himself. He found that after he faced those he previously looked down on, he actually experienced joy. Yes, this was a movie, but Lloyd’s experience has the potential to be all our experiences when we show love.

Who do you disdain? Is it the elderly? Is it the weak-minded? What about the unruly children on your block or in your old neighborhood? Is it people of another race? Whomever you answered, you know what you must do.

The Take a Risk Challenge: Perform a kind deed that causes you to come face to face with the person you identified and do so with the joy of the Lord. Truly, that is a radical act of love.

My One Thousand Gifts List

Several well wishes and blessings regarding my contributing to Daily Guideposts: Your First Year of Motherhood
A wonderful stress-free Mother’s Day dinner all planned by my hubby as a surprise
Praying for Jan
Disagreeing with my husband but not going as far as I wanted to
Money for pizza
The chiropractor
Chloe dancing for me
Dinner on Flynn delivered
Watching the kids (mine and my sister’s) having fun
My debut as the EEW Magazine parenting columnist

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