Challenge 6: Thank Your Offender

I hate seeing the ugliness in myself. Who does? But the seeing is a necessary gift, one we can unwrap every time we discover through disappointment and pain what’s inside of us. Our eyes may be opened from a loved one’s death, a loss of a job, a hurtful mate, a scheming co-worker or a backbiting friend. Once the situation brings out hateful words, vindictive actions and other ungodly ways to deal with our emotions, we can choose to continue down that path or stop and thank our offender for being used to help us see our ugliness inside that came out in that tough moment. That person gave you a gift and we should thank her.

Take a Risk Challenge: Thank someone who has offended you for giving you the gift of seeing the ugliness inside of you that you need to work on through God’s strength.

My One Thousand Gifts List

Josh getting his annual check up
Josh wanting to go to the radio station with me
Ms. Fisher accommodating Joshua by allowing him to makeup missed work
Conversation with Pastor Brooks about homeschooling and “Waiting for Superman”
Flynn not going to get food
Having to cook
Not speaking harshly to Flynn in my disappointment
Getting the boys to bed before 9 p.m.
Flynn working to get out of the mud by making the lunches, loading the dishwasher and uploading and downloading my radio interview on CD
Noelle playing cello