Challenge 3: Have a Plan

Most people interested in doing better in their lives have heard the cliché “if you don’t plan you plan to fail.” In essence we must have a specific plan for what we hope to accomplish and if we don’t we will surely fail. There is a great measure of consistency with a plan. If you have thought about and then written a plan, that plan is etched in your mind. The thinking, writing and etching make us more likely to execute what we have created. We need a plan for everything. We have one for our daily routines: how we are going to get to work on time, how we are going to get the kids to school on time, how we are going to finish that report, how we are going to ask for a raise, etc. For us to take a risk by performing a radical act of love, we have to have a plan. Joyce Meyer, teaching on the Fruit of the Spirit, said it like this:

“Have you already planned to be a blessing to someone today?” “You don’t always have to feel good to bless people. Plan ahead of time to give things away, to compliment people. . . .”

Take a Risk Challenge: So taking Meyer’s advice, I want us to create a plan to help us to succeed in taking a risk by displaying a radical act of love. Sit down today and decide who and how you are going to bless this week. Check back to the blog and comment on the effects of your radical acts of love.

I still want to hear how your gratitude journal is coming and how you have comforted the ultra miserable.

My One Thousand Gifts List

Not fretting that there was no podium on which to put my speaking notes
Hearing that my testimony from strong black woman to strong biblical woman would probably help a friend of my guests
Making cookies and feeding my guests
Having company on the ride to pick up Joshua from school
Going to the playground
A kid at the park apologizing to me after I chastised him for cussing and encouraged him to use his brain to speak effectively
Seeing the “Keys”
Seeing Justus give Keyonna a long hug
Hearing Elizabeth express the spiritual connections to what she saw
All the boys napping simultaneously