Challenge 21: Love Through an Identity Crisis

My 5-year-old likes to ask me questions that he already thinks he has the answer to. When I tell him the answer to his baited question, he proceeds to deny my response and begins to repeatedly decry my answer and laud his own. He keeps this up, trying to nag me into agreeing with him. In my head I usually scream: What does this boy want from me, asking me, the wiser one, the answers and insisting on following his anyway? He already had his mind made up. Why did he ask me anyway?

Then I remember that he is young, seeking to grow in wisdom, trying to find his way, navigating his identity crisis. And I think about me and my Jesus moments, arguing with Him, though not verbally, but in my mind and actions, showing Him I have the answers already though I bothered to ask Him, the all wise, all-knowing One.

We all know someone like my 5-year-old. We all know someone like me. You may even be ‘the someone’ you know who asks questions and is not really interested in receiving a correct answer from someone else. You may even, like me, do this with God. But God is not like I am with my 5 year old. He waits patiently for us to come to the understanding of who we are in relation to Him. He is all-knowing. We are not. He is perfect. We are not. We need Him. He doesn’t need us. But superior God constantly shows grace to inferior us. We can surely do the same for others, even those in an identity crisis.

Take a Risk Challenge: Extend grace to those who are in an identity crisis. They may not recognize their naïveté or their insecurity or their emotional or mental fragility, but you do. Instead of arguing, rubbing in their wrongs or otherwise belittling them, seek to understand, and if you can’t, try smiling and simply say ‘ok.’ Doing opposite of everything in your being is truly a radical act of love.

My One Thousand Gifts List

Finding out that hydrogenated oils are one molecule away from plastic
Flynn being off work and able to get the car fixed and pick Joshua up from school
Giving me a maritime analogy
Sharing God’s word to me on temperance with my discipleship group
A woman’s cozy home and hospitality
A woman freely sharing her testimony
Women freely embracing a woman after she gave her testimony
Justus’ joyful giggle about making me laugh
Nate not whining and being really helpful with Justus
Staying home and in my PJs all day