Challenge 10: Love Through Pain

Like most of the country, and folks around the world, I am partially-paralyzed from the shots that pierced through babies and their caretakers in Newtown, CT. Word came to me through social media and my limbs and heart were too numb last Friday for me to turn on the tube. This news of innocent lives senselessly snuffed out came in the midst of personal struggles to feel my way through physically and spiritually dying loved ones that have caused my soul to droop. I have cried. I have tried to deal with not knowing why in all the instances. And I have prayed and stayed away from the TV, not wanting to feel more heaviness in my soul. I didn’t want to talk, but on Saturday I was going to lunch with my best friend and was wondering how our time spent would be. See, there’s no pretense with us, just a lot of fuss over each other’s well being but I didn’t know how that would go. With my dying loved ones, the ones gone in Newtown and my own emotions just about gone, I didn’t know if what I had left was anything worth giving. I went. We prayed. We shared, laying our broken hearts bare. And with each thought spoken, pondered, discussed and fully embraced, we knew, again, why we are the other’s cherished friend: Without having all the answers, sometimes simply staring while sharing, we felt better, were better from being in the same space as and same place with one another. Being with good friends through bad times is a radical act of love that soothes the soul.
Take a Risk Challenge: Spend time with a good friend even if your emotions say you have nothing to give.

My One Thousand Gifts List

Josh telling me “You’re the best mom in the whole world”
A spirit-filled funeral service for my grandfather, Daniel Thomas
Tulips sent to the home from Flynn, showing deep contrition for his lack of support last week after already apologizing and my forgiving him (and after several other acts of service)
Kim, LaSonjia, Nichole and Ruth for attending my granddad’s funeral service
A picture of my family not being in the obituary showing me the extent of my growth when offended
Charles Moore for providing the food, place and service for the repast
Quiet time revelation: “You’re in the presence of greatness” being all of creation representing the Most High God whose handiwork is evident in all things, particularly humans and as such we dishonor Him when we dishonor them
Two, possibly three, article ideas for my parenting column
A powerfully effective blog post for readers and me