Challenge 73: Share for Health’s Sake & Natural Health Tour

Over the weekend several people approached me about their various health issues: respiratory, immune, cellular and reproductive. As a natural health care promoter and educator, my mind immediately went to what might be missing in their diets that may be contributing to their health issues. Even with challenges to four different body systems, what was consistent with most of those people was a diet of high starchy foods with few non-starchy vegetables, including the essential leafy greens, which are chock-full of healing nutrients. Simply eating more greens, particularly raw, like in salads, juices and smoothies, would make a major positive difference for each of them.

Many of these people know they need to do better. Some have said so and have not made the steps, beyond prayer, to do better. They know God is able to help them but they seem to want Him to heal them without any human intervention. We know God could do that but He also wants us to be good stewards over our bodies. We have a responsibility to cherish, not trash, our temples of the Holy Spirit. When we trash them, God guarantees divine intervention, unfortunately to our detriment (1 Corinthians 3:16-17). But we have the power to reverse our natural consequences from poor health by changing and helping others change.

One person, who finally decided to take charge of her health by joining my Your Fast for Life™ food and lifestyle program, said, “I’m so ready to start the meal plan part. . .tired of this sickness.” And you know? That’s what it takes. We have to get so tired of being young but feeling old, looking fit but being tired or looking and feeling unhealthy. We have to make a move to help ourselves and to help someone else. If my client hadn’t been receiving constant information about my program, testimonials from those on the program and witnessing the benefits in my own life, she would not have made the most crucial step in trying to do something different to get a different result. It took this particular client more than a year to join Your Fast for Life™, but she would not have done so if others didn’t show her love by sharing healthy options with her. What you know and what others that you’re familiar with know may just be the key that your family member, co-worker, classmate, neighbor or friend needs. Offer that key and help somebody help themselves.

Take a Risk Challenge: This week share what you know or what others know to help someone get on the path of health and healing. I would love for you to share about Your Fast for Life™ and, for those in the Metropolitan Detroit area, Soul Delights’ Natural Health Tour to urban farms. Currently, I have a discount for Your Fast for Life™ only and free admittance on the tour with a regularly-priced Your Fast for Life™ membership. Get more details on the website or simply sign up below.
Fast for Life™ for the regular $100 price and attend Soul Delights’ Natural Health Tour for free (a $35 savings).

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