Challenge 18: Celebrate Blackness

Oscar Micheaux

Words have power. That we all know. But the real power, most times, is the action that backs up those words. In last week’s post I challenged us to renounce black hate, turning away from any way that we “told black to get back,” our way of distancing ourselves from the blackness God created: the people, characteristics and other areas associated with black peopl I hope that you searched your heart for God to show you what black hatred was there and you renounced what He showed you. Today I challenge you to take the next step.

You can celebrate Black History Month in your own space by this week creating new black history in your own life. I want you to replace whatever you renounced with some healthy action without being condescending, going overboard or in some other way being extreme. For instance, don’t approach the only black person that you work with that you rarely speak to and say something like “I just think all black people are beautiful, especially their kinky hair” or redecorating your house with all black artifacts or replacing your wardrobe with Afrocentric clothing. You know what God had you to renounce. He will show you what to reasonably do instead.

Perhaps you are white and are led to send a note of encouragement to a black person you know who’s having a rough season; perhaps you’re a black mother who decides not to straighten your daughter’s hair; or you have moved from the ghetto but God is leading you to pour back into that neighborhood by spending time with some of the people or consistently helping to physically rehabilitate that area. Perhaps you have to take a black history course or watch Oscar Micheaux movies and share what you learn with others or maybe God wants you to be prayer partners with someone you would not choose to be close with.

Take a Risk Challenge: Get before the Lord and let Him show you how to celebrate blackness in a sincere way.

My One Thousand Gifts List

Nate styling my hair to make me a “princess” and standing back to examine his work
Popping up out of sleep and knowing that God had me awake with a sense of urgency to have time to commune with Him before my day of ministry
An unexpected and edifying call from Latitia
The EACH resource fair (my presenting a poem there and interviewing people to chronicle the EACH story)
Hanging at the tennis courts seeing Joshua with lessons, Nathaniel and Justus play and Flynn hitting balls
Flynn offering and going to take Jan food for me
Waking up early enough to not feel rushed to get to church
Getting to church on time
Reading most of my Google parenting alerts
Sunny blue skies with an occasional breeze
Dianna Hobbs’ blog post on spiritual rest
Justus climbing on the couch to sit next to me while eating his apple and occasionally sighing satisfied
Having a grand outlook for the day
Not being fretful about working 6 ½ hours on my blog, running late to pick up Joshua, not getting a shower, not finding Nate’s shoes and my post not being delivered
An acquisitions editor from Logos Digital Publishing contacting me about being interested in possibly publishing my book
A publicist from Moody Publishers contacting me to review on my blog one of their books
God sparing Justus’ life after he fell in the bathtub of water
My friend getting a job developing programming for a television station and considering having me do some work with him