Challenge 47: Give Others Your Best

20130910-000250.jpg With a philosophy that good food belongs to everybody, Executive Chef Alison Costello makes that a daily reality for meal recipients of Detroit’s Capuchin Soup Kitchen. “Why would I serve food to them that I wouldn’t eat?” she says, after showing me shelves, a freezer and a refrigerator of organic products and fresh produce that comes from Capuchin’s garden. This is unlike any kitchen, beside my own, that I have seen. I am surprised that Costello would have such a loving attitude for others that she wouldn’t just take the least expensive route and expect those in need to be satisfied that they got something, more than what they had. She epitomizes the challenge that I give you this day: Serve others your best, not whatever you can get your hands on just to say that you met their need. When you give your best you are truly engaging in a radical act of love.


Take a Risk Challenge: Remember, we always must follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This week, have the Golden Rule in mind as you seek to love someone in need by serving them your best and nothing less.


In an effort to prepare you to serve your best to yourselves and others, I am hosting for those in the Metro Detroit area a natural health tour Saturday, October 5, 2013. Those of you who register for both the tour and my Your Fast for Life food and lifestyle program at the same time get both for the price of one. Go here to register for either program or both and have more in your health arsenal to radically love yourselves and others.

My One Thousand Gifts List

My five year old folding a shirt
Making a calender with my five year old
My husband being faithful to God, family and work
Christen calling
Latitia calling
My 10 year old asking solid biblical questions
My three year old telling my five year old “Jesus will help you.”
Sharing what I have
Late-night popcorn
A challenging sermon
Women who love Jesus and love me

Challenge 7: Love Consistently

Loving is living consistently in service to others and doing it naturally like taking an unhindered breath. I find this most times to be true with my family, though loving them is sometimes challenging. I would bet many of us fall in the realm of living consistently in service to our family, but what about others? Since loving is living and our lives occupy space beyond our families, how do we love those in spaces our families don’t occupy? Do you make a habit of living consistently in service to others and doing it naturally like taking an unhindered breath?

Loving is living
perhaps weekly.
always intentionally.
not sporadically.

Loving consistently is truly a radical act of love.

Take a Risk Challenge: 1) Examine the spaces where you need to consistently show love. 2) Develop a plan to display radical love in each. 3) Choose one place to begin consistently living in service to others starting this week.

My One Thousand Gifts List

Andre playing guitar—beautiful!
Advising my sister through a tough moment
Mama admitting her mistake
Sharon meeting Mama at the printer to get the obituary for Granddad
Hanging with Andrina
Sitting in, not having to organize, a program
Flynn offering to help me get ready
Andrina taking me to the cleaners
Floyd taking Joshua to piano class
Attending the Mother-Daughter Tea with Andrina