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Your Fast for Life

“My eyes are open in ways that they have never been before. This program is hitting me in more areas than just food and eating. I am realizing that I have given myself permission to ‘casually’ eat food at times when I just shouldn’t. I had never been convicted of such abuse. That is why the line has been drawn for me. I draw the line at sin.”—Helena N.

“The best part for me of Your Fast for Life™ was the devotional content. I looked forward to the readings each day. I found the content thought provoking and illuminating in regards to addressing my personal relationship with food. I was impressed with the variety of the menu options. There was a wide assortment to accommodate any ‘taste’ issue I may have.”—Patricia T.

“The best part for me of Your Fast for Life™ was the daily devotionals. I am thankful they included scriptures, and practical experiences. I am using the devotionals to enlighten my children and steer them in the way they should go, so they can choose to live the healthier lifestyle when they grow older.”—Kimberly C.

Spirit-based natural health and healing coaching

“Minister Rhonda has been tremendous in how the Lord has used her in being a blessing to me and so many others…, never promising to be my answer but gently pointing me to The Answer, Jesus Christ, by (her) example, (her) excellence and (her) experience.”—Ajene G.

“Discipleship with Min. Rhonda is a space that is safe for me to be broken and vulnerable and feel hope that restoration can happen instead of judgment and condemnation. I get to share and be encouraged, laugh and cry. It’s beautiful and healing. I am grateful to my Father for this great opportunity.”—Simone C.

“Discipleship literally changed my life! I thought I was spiritually mature enough to go without wise counsel & guidance. However, discipleship challenged me in EVERY area of my life. Min. Rhonda’s leading always challenged me to think like Christ according to Scripture, which led me to respond to all of life’s ups and downs with a sincere heart to please God.”—Nicole W.

Natural Health Tours

“I had a wonderful afternoon with Rhonda J. Smith at her Natural Health Tour. She took us to some really nice shops and restaurant that offer healthier food choices right in the city of Detroit. Places I did not even know existed. Who knew a health tour could be so much fun! Looking forward to the next adventure!”—Phyllis M.

“I am so impressed with the tour and had such a good time. I believe Soul Delights can help me build consistency in the right types of foods in my diet.”—Ruth R.

“(The Natural Health Tour) exceeded my expectations. I learned so many new things, retail and restaurants, also about healthy options and the dangers of soy.”—Stacey J.