Challenge 37: View Humans Correctly, Part 2

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is the Golden Rule, based on Matthew 7:12, which most of us, Christians and non-Christians, were taught to practice. Inherent in this verse, based on the context of the surrounding verses, is that you should treat others well like you treat yourself well. Some people, however, don’t have a proper view of themselves so they don’t treat themselves well, and when they relate to others, they apply their own rule that goes something like this: “I’m treating you the same way I treat myself. I’m hard on myself so I’m hard on you.”

Another reason people don’t treat others properly when they don’t view themselves properly is when they have an obvious inflated view of themselves a la Kanye West with his song I Am a God, calling himself Yeezus (a play on the name of our Savior Jesus) and allowing himself to grace the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine with a crown of thorns on his head (Source). Whether you are too hard on or have an inflated view of yourself you have the same problem, a God-complex. This may seem strange, these opposites being about the same issue, but remember our definition from part 1 last week: We “displace (God) when we exchange His standards for ours. See, with a God-complex we create a view of God other than what He presents of Himself in His Word.” So when we decide to hold people to standards beyond God’s standards, in this case the Golden Rule, or openly think we can become God then we have a God-complex. This is the time we live in and we shouldn’t be surprised.

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy. . .” (2 Timothy 3:1-2, emphasis mine).

When someone does something remarkable we are more likely to hear their feat attributed to the human spirit than to God. People applaud the human spirit as if it is not fueled by another Spirit, the Holy Spirit. God gave everyone a spirit and we must acknowledge Him with whatever greatness we accomplish. Of course this is impossible for those who don’t believe in the Lord, but He is the One who still provides everyone with what is good (Genesis 1; Matthew 5:45). When we take God out of the picture or minimize His role in our lives, we have taken His place and believe we can set our own standards or deserve all the praise for the things we have done. Don’t fall into the trap of making your own rules then demanding that you and others follow those rules or expecting others to consider you a god. Have the correct view of yourself and others and proper expectations will follow.

Take a Risk Challenge: Examine and create a plan to eradicate your harsh standards and/or take yourself off your throne. You will help yourself and others have a healthier view of you and focus on God, which is a radical act of love.

My One Thousand Gifts List

A great time of sisterhood celebrating Chevelle’s birthday at Rumalees Indian Restaurant
Lots of belly laughs
A heartfelt memorial service that was an homage to a great Christian leader
Eating nacho-flavored chips in the van with Justus and his looking lovingly at me
Hearing Nina Simone sing “I Got Life”
Flynn cleaning the kitchen so I wouldn’t face chaos in the morning with him
Flynn requesting I keep him company at midnight while he put together Nate’s bike
Being unable to go to a house blessing allowed me to cook dinner and have time to spend quality time with the boys
Taking the boys to the drive-in to see Cars 2
A rich Bible study on the Alabaster Woman website

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