The Owner

Soul Delights LLC owner Rhonda J. Smith

For more than 20 years Rhonda J. Smith has been on a personal journey to optimize her physical and spiritual health. Plagued with a half dozen ailments, including arthritis, acne and chronic yeast infections, that doctors unsuccessfully treated, she went on a search for natural healing methods to treat her issues. She succeeded, finding most of her help in eating real whole foods–not genetically modified, chemically processed or otherwise unnaturally altered foods. On several occasions her doctors have told her “Continue doing what you’re doing” after sharing with them that she abandoned their methods for her natural ones. She created Soul Delights LLC as a vehicle to provide practical and principled products, services and programs, including its signature program Your Fast for Life™, based on Smith’s two decades’ of knowledge so you can make informed decisions about your health.

Rhonda has been a follower of Jesus Christ since November 1995. She desires to see people prosper in their bodies and spirits.

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